Expert Agricultural and Environmental Advice for Land Managers

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Meet the Experts

Here is just a small selection of our panel of over 100 experts available to answer your questions

Name: John
No. of Years Experience: 40+
Countries: Botswana, Gambia, India, Kuwait, Nigeria, Qatar, Syria, Tanzania, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon, Oman, Pakistan, South Africa and Yemen
Specialisms: Desert Forage Conservation, Crop Physiology, Rangeland/Ecosystem Restoration, Weed Control
Qualifications: BSc Agriculture, PhD Agricultural Botany

Name: Pam
No. of Years Experience: 30+
Countries: Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya, DR Congo, Malawi, Ethiopia
Specialisms: Beekeeping, Livelihoods/Small Business Development
Qualifications: Diploma Beekeeping, MSc Natural Resource Management, BSc Environmental Biology, BA Social Science, PGCE

Name: Roger
No. of Years Experience: 45+
Countries: Nigeria, Botswana, Cyprus, Greece, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda
Specialisms: Hydrology, Water Resources Management, Rural Water Supplies
Qualifications: BSc Civil Engineering, MSc Applied Geophysics

Name: Daljit
No. of Years Experience: 40+
Countries: India, Ethiopia, Namibia, Nepal
Specialisms: Participatory Plant Breeding, Plant Genetics, Seed Production
Qualifications: BSc Agricultural Science, MSc Plant Breeding, PhD Plant Breeding and Genetics, DSc Plant Breeding and Genetics

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