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Field Numeracy

Uno How's Farm Visits

"Safety in numbers" - the critical value of Agricultural Field Numeracy

Being able to perform simple but essential  calculations enables farmers and their advisors to make informed decisions about how best to manage their resources. Conflict, poverty and gender discrimination have all too often led to poor delivery of maths education, often resulting in high proportions of adults with little or no numeracy skills and, therefore, ill-equipped to deal with current challenges.

To help tackle this problem, AgriTechTalk CIC, is producing a custom-built series of farm numeracy classes, based on farm visits undertaken by a fictional extension agent called “Uno How”.

Uno Hows' exchanges with two farmers, “Tad” and “Mim,” may be followed through a sequence of graphics with links to explanations (words highlighted in green), simple calculations and exercises, as well as lots of practical numeracy tips. Two modules have been released so far. These are available free of charge, as downloadable units, which follow each other in a logical sequence.


To follow Uno How's Farm Visits please visit our AgriTechTalk website - click here