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TechTalk Advisory Service


1 To register simply start by contacting us via the link below, letting us know if you are signing up to use the Advisory Service. To use the Gross Margin you will need to create an account directly from the Gross Margin Calculator Homepage - click here for Gross Margin Calculator.  Please ensure at this stage that you have read and accept TechTalk's Terms and Conditions. TechTalk International Agricultural Advice Service - to know us is to know how

2 If you are registering for the Advisory Service we will send you a username and password so that you can LOGIN via the TechTalk website.

3 Once you have logged in, we ask you to complete a simple technical profile online, providing details of your project. This will adequately equip our experts to answer your question precisely and reliably. You will not need to set up a profile every time you log in, it will be saved for you. But each time you use the service you should either a) confirm that no changes in your circumstances have taken place or b) alter your profile if needs be.

4 You can then send us your question via our "Start a New Consultation" Procedure.

YOUR question is:

  • Saved into your own personal database.
  • Logged by the TechTalk administrator.
  • Sent to a relevant expert, with your technical profile.
  • Tracked by TechTalk administrator.

Crop breeding analysis

5 YOUR assigned expert will prepare an answer based on their knowledge, experience and, when necessary, literature they research on your behalf.

YOUR answer will be:

  • Written in plain English.
  • Vetted by the TechTalk administrator.
  • Saved into your own personal database, which you, and only you, may access at any time.
  • Sent to you by e-mail within 5 days.

TechTalk will also publish answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ's) anonymously into a separate database, which will be available to all our subscribers.

Expert advice for environmental problems Expert advice for Welsh Farming Problems

TechTalk cannot respond to:

  • Questions that relate to legal cases, problems or regarding matters requiring the affidavit of expert witnesses
  • Complaints regarding supply or mal-functioning of equipment or materials
  • Questions of a political nature.

More Information on Asking a Question

  1. When asking a question, we ask you to complete a simple Question Form. TechTalk cannot answer questions that are NOT in the required format. We request that you do not use more than 200 words. After you have reached 200 words, the words following will not register so will not be sent to us.
  2. When composing your question, please ensure that you:
  3. Keep your question short and to the point.
    Ask direct questions wherever possible.
    You may attach a photograph to illustrate your problem if you wish.

  4. Once your have completed your question form you can submit it directly to TechTalk by clicking the SEND ENQUIRY button.
  5. When we receive your question, we will personally select the expert best qualified to be your advisor.
  6. TechTalk staff check all answers before forwarding them to you by e-mail or login.

Our Commitment

TechTalk provides a high-quality and personalised service for you. We will respond to your questions individually and with care. We shall ensure that the questions that we receive are matched to the most suitable expert within the pool of advisors with whom we work. Answers will be simply worded and accurate.

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TechTalk is unable to provide a 100% guarantee that the solutions we provide will solve your problem. With this in mind, it is necessary to ask that you read our terms and conditions and accept them when you register.