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Gross Margin Calculator

A Gross Margin is the calculated difference (margin) between the value of the OUTPUT of an enterprise and the variable costs (INPUT expenses) used to produce that output. For some 50 years, Gross Margin analysis has been the tool of economists, farm advisers and entrepreneurs wanting to know whether an enterprise, farm or project is earning money - or for planning purposes, is going to earn money.

Gross Margins may be used to determine and compare the performance of a single or different enterprises; during the same or different years; on the same or different farms; under different economic conditions and at different levels of technical success.

There are no charges for using our Gross Margin Calculator.


To assist you in using the Gross Margin Calculator, training notes and data recording sheets can be downloaded free of charge by following this link.

Simple Gross Margins can be generated by clicking on the Gross Margins tab in the bar above or by clicking here. If you register you will be provided with a login, which will enable you to get a down-loadable breakdown of performance, and to revisit your data at any time.


All users should enter data following the instructions noted on the first page of the GMC. You choose country, currency, crop or livestock type, farming system and enter a reference number of your choice that identifies the specific data entry that you are making.

Please note that all data entered into the Gross Margin Calculator will be used anonymously for averages, league tables, percentiles and benchmarks.